Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy As Usual

It's been a while since I've posted anything. This past week has been crazy busy and it looks as if things are only going to become more busy. Where should I start? Hhmm...

Last Sunday was our Annual Congregational Meeting. Things have been going from bad to worse in our congregation and I was anxious to see what was going to happen. To begin with, the regular service started 10 minutes late. This is the third week in a row that it's happened. We're not off to a good start. Bottom line on the meeting: we spent 15 minutes debating/discussing vinyl vs. ceramic tile. Are you serious? Really, people, come on. There are so many other things that need to be discussed. One thing I noticed was that everything people said came from a negative standpoint. Let's cut this program, let's go back to no bulletin, let's cut this person's salary. Not once did anyone say anything positive that's been going on. This is a true indication of what's to come. I'm not running for the hills just yet. I'm staying for a bit and fighting for what I believe in. I'll do my sermons and workshops and hope that it makes a difference. I hope that just one person is "re enlightened" and can have a change in attitude. It only takes one to start, right?

Skip ahead to work issues. Our director of fundraising resigned. Against her will, I might add, and she's very vocal about it. My boss asked me if I would consider taking on more of the marketing aspect of the agency. I had originally said I wanted to give that part of my job up. But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I'm pretty much in a dead end position and that this would be a great challenge for me and that if I didn't agree to be considered, I was pretty much committing professional suicide. We shall see what comes out of this. The CEO told the person who was leaving that he had spoken to me. UM...WRONG...he hasn't said anything past hello to me this entire week. IF I decide that this is the direction I want to go, there will definitely be some requests made. I know that there really isn't money to give me a huge raise so I'm going to go another route. We'll see where that gets me.

On a positive note, I was asked to be on the Advisory Board of the graduate clinical psychology program for a local college. What an honor! I am so excited to be a part of this. It won't involve too much work and looks great on a resume.

I've also been asked to speak at a conference gathering we have with other churches. I was honored that they asked. My 10 minute spiel is on "Pizza Prayer." How is ordering pizza like praying to God? Mostly youth attend so this will be right on point with them. Oh, and the title of these gatherings is "Praize and Pizza" so I figured it was very appropriate. Am excited. Will keep you posted on that.

It's time for me to head to the shower and get ready for a business meeting, a massage, and a night of ice skating with my youth group kids.

Stay warm my friends who are in the cold parts (it's 10 here) and keep cool to those of you in warm, sunny places!