Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mish Mash

Don't know where to bad stuff just a lot of it.

My clients -- now that's a place to start! I saw 3 of them last night. Interestingly enough, they all are making a little progress. The first one wants to get out of the situation she's in. So, she's going to put together a plan, do a little research, keep stuff on the "dl" and I'll see her in two weeks. The second one has realized that she's lessening the turmoil in some of the areas of her life which is allowing more positive things to appear to her. I told her it was like eating a whole lot then burping. When you burp, you make room for more....she laughed...I laughed....but she got it. I did, however, feel bad for her when she left because her car wouldn't start so she ended up calling AAA who came out and put in a new battery for her. Third client is also wanting to shift gears and do something with her life. She wants out of her situation,, game plan is for her to do some research and get back to me. We shall see. It's interesting how all three of these clients are in a state of transition. They all want movement. They all want to be somewhere they aren't at the moment. Are they motivated to actually do what they want? I'm not so sure but we shall see.

The job -- well, this is interesting. In a time where layoffs are imminent and things are taking a bad spin, I was promoted. That's awesome because it also came with a slight pay increase. Trust me, I am in no way complaining. The only thing is that I hate the new title. It's a new position and our CEO is totally in love with it ... "Director of Center Advancement." I have NO idea what that is or what it means. Do you? I didn't think so. Basically my job is marketing and fundraising. My current supervisor (who is a VP) says she hates it too. She said, "It's Director of who knows what the F you do." AMEN. I'm hoping that she can get him to change it. I tried. He seemed like he was dead set on it. EWWWW.

Church -- drama, drama, drama. I can't take it. I want to go to worship and not have to worry about who pissed off who or who is leaving because they're disappointed...people, GROW UP! Accept responsibility for your stuff. Open your hearts and your mind to the possibility that things aren't always what they seem. God help us.

I broke down and bought a Nintendo Wii. It was bundled with Wii Fit. I have never been into video games so have no clue about Xbox or Game Cube or whatever else is out there. But, Wii I can do. For the past two nights I have played. It's exciting not only because it's new but because I'm actually physically active. This sitting around doing nothing is killing me.

No word yet on the blind date. I really don't expect him to call. If he does, that's great. If he doesn't ...well, it's his loss. So, needless to say, the male companionship around this place is lacking. Wait, maybe I should say non-existent...yes, that's the word I was looking for. I'll keep you posted.

Gotta head to bed. I have my first 'official' new job function tomorrow. I'm nervous but I know it will go well. I also am very grateful to Bagpuss for going shopping with me after work tonight so I have something smashing to wear for my big debut.

Sweet dreams, my friends.