Saturday, February 14, 2009

And, she's back............

I haven't been reading/posting for a while and really missed all of the antics and fun and just catching up with everyone.

Life has been quite insane as of late. So I'll start with the updates:

The Blind Date: The dude turns out to be the nephew of the friend who is trying to get us together. I don't know what to think now. I had dinner with her the other day and she never mentioned what he looked like despite my asking. red flag waves but, we shall see. She did, however, say he's very tall and not a bean pole which, in my book, is awesome. I'll keep you posted on that one.

The Ex: I have spoken to him more in the past two weeks -- almost every day and sometimes three times in a day. He's all amped up over what's going on at our church. I don't blame him -- his grandfather helped build it and he's got some serious roots there. I try to be supportive but when you have the cell phone ringing, the other phone line ringing, someone standing at your desk waiting for you to get off the phone, and an office mate who speaks loudly, sometimes it just ain't happening. He has shared some emails with me that he's written to the "higher ups" in the church -- I'm wondering when he got so witty...........he really is quite funny with what he says and he's become very introspecitve. We'll be "going away together" in a few weeks...relax, we're going on retreat -- he leads the I'm sure there will be lots of together time and much to be discussed.

The job: I am privledged to say that I got a promotion at the end of January. I am not, however, privledged to say that my office will be moved. That sticks in my crawl a bit. Here I am the person who 'markets' the agency and does 'fundraising' and I'm banished to the last office furthest away from the entrance. It takes me approximately 5 - 7 minutes (talk about precise) to get to the front desk and that's if no one stops me and the elevator doesn't take its sweet time. My only hope is that who ever comes to see me, isn't in a hurry. Having said all of that, my replacement has not been hired as of yet. So you know what that means, right? YEP...I'm doing two full time jobs........... On a good note, I get to go to Dallas in April. Only for training and for two days but at least it's away from here.

The practice: Going well. Although, I had a bit of a spell with someone the other day. Here's the bottom line: One of my clients saw another therapist for a short session of a highly specialized technique. She didn't tell me. Never mentioned it. It was her grandmother who had this therapist work with her. It is her grandmother who is paying me to work with her. See where I'm going with this? Anyway, the grandmother told me what happened. Hhmm, now that explains why she was acting the way she was acting in our session. I flipped out....what right does another therapist have to work with one of my clients? He violated every ethical principle out there. What an ass...I'm still trying to decide when to confront him...I think I will when I calm down a bit. I told the grandmother that if she wanted him to work with my client on a regular basis then be my guest but I will NOT have her interfereing any longer with the work that I'm doing. What a crock of shit.................

That's enough for tonight. It's Valentine's Day and I've spent it in my jammies cuddled up under blankets relaxing. Aaaahhhhhhh............xoxo