Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blind Date

I recently received a phone call from a long-time friend of mine. I used to be her supervisor in my former life. She is an older woman (who could be my grandma) and I have always had a great respect for her. We still keep in touch and occasionally meet for dinner. From time to time the subject of me not having a "significant other" arises. She called to ask me if I had one. When I said no, she said, "I have someone for you."

Here is how she describes him: tall, hysterically funny, high level security clearance, makes his own wine and beer. He's 44 and never been married. I am so glad she didn't say "He's got a great personality" because we all know what that means.

She said that she hasn't said anything to him yet because she wanted to see what I would say. Even though blind dates are weird and awkward, if he calls, I'm going. At least it will be a night out, right? :)

I'll keep you posted!

Game 1

Last night was the home opener of the Philadelphia Wings. I've had season tickets for forever and a day. I can't remember exactly when we (myself and Aud) started going but it definitely has been at least 18 years. I don't have a clue what the rules of the game are, no idea what the record is at the end of the season, no knowledge of the players. Yea, I'm a fan, right?

In the beginning I sat and watched the entire game. I saw every Wings goal and every "bad guy goal." I cheered and yelled, "sucks" when they introduced the opposing team. (It's a Wings wouldn't understand). There was a group of guys who sat behind us. Eventually we got to talking to them and the rest is history. Our little group grew and now there is a whole crew of us who hang out, drink, watch the game, eat,'s great.

The season lasts from January to April. We see some of the group periodically in the 'off season.' For those we don't see until the season starts, we pick up right where we left off. So, last night, we picked up right where we left off. It was great.

I saw some of the game but was busy catching up with the gang**. I never had an empty cup the entire game -- I haven't had that much to drink in quite some time. I'm paying for it today. Ewwwww. Getting myself together to go get my hair cut today should be a big treat!

They lost the game, I ended up drunk texting, and we're going to do it all again in two weeks. Stay tuned.....the antics at the games and hanging out in the parking lot afterwards make for great blogging.

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**Our Crew:
Healey (the stutterer)
Vern (married to Egg)
Egg (married to Vern)
The Babysitters and the fiance
The kids: Cole, Jake, Justin, Jennifer
Angel (the bartender)
Various others who join us periodically

Thursday, January 22, 2009

God Will Poke You In The Ear

It all started a few months back. As most of you know, Bagpuss and I work together and we are great friends. We both are insane in our own ways and really do feed off of each other. So we're walking down the hall one day and she was busting on me for something -- at this point, I can't remember. It probably had something to do with me and my youth group kids. Anyway, whatever it was, after she said it she got a horrible pain in her ear. So, witty one that I am, said, "See, that's God poking you in the ear for being mean to me."

What's that have to do with this blog? Well you see, it got stirred up again today. And, this is what started it:

One of the girls at work got her hair cut. It looks cute for a 5 year old but whatever. I just so happened to be walking down the hall (I spend a lot of time doing that) and looked through the window and saw her. The image of Marcie popped into my head. I laughed out loud and ran into Rach's office. She laughed and called me a cow. Yea, whatever....I'll live. I get back to my desk, find this picture and email it to her. After a few banterings back and forth, she tells me that God will poke me in the ear if I don't stop.

So I responded with, "I've been poked by God lots of times. I'm not afraid." At the time it seemed very innocent to me. Until I pushed "send." That's when it hit me. OH LORD! That has so many interpretations. Rach and I decided that I would post it to my blog and see what you have to say about it.

And that, my friends, is just another one of my classic, don't think before I speak lines. I do think, however, it's my favorite. What do you think?????

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Don't have a clue how that title found its way out of my head because I was not sitting here thinking about paradise -- not at all.

It's been a rough few days in my head. I've been in a tailspin with work, church, my's almost as if it's all swirling around me and I'm caught in the center with no way in or out. This, too, shall pass. I get like this every so often.

I was glued to the Inauguration yesterday. I live streamed it onto our big screen at work and the lunch crew watched it. I was enthralled. Never has an inauguration fascinated me as much as this one did. There are probably a variety of reasons for that. One being that I think it is wonderful we are finally going to be led by someone who has a clue. Another being that I have a "thing" for dark skinned men. We'll save that for another blog. So, I watched. And, I read almost everything I could on the internet yesterday and today. I will follow this historic journey for quite some time and am looking forward to the days ahead.

Skip to my church life. We are gearing up for our annual retreat. We average 400 participants -- teenagers and their adult chaperones -- for this event. I have been involved since the inception and sit on the steering committee. I also serve as the Assistant Chaplain. I love this event. I leave there exhausted but spiritually uplifted. I can see the work of the Holy Spirit in everyone there. I'm looking forward to going.

Working on this retreat and other church stuff has me in close contact with my ex-husband. You should know that we parted company and are very good friends. He is remarried and has a son. We are better friends now than when we were married. All of this time together has really done a number on me. I got to thinking today about the connection we have and wonder if the tie I feel to him is keeping me from finding a mate? I'm convinced that there is someone out there for me and I keep wondering if it is him. Which then leads me to wonder if I shouldn't have stuck it out a bit and not rushed so quickly into divorce. Whatever the reason behind our relationship, I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned. I'm sure God has a hand in this but I just wish He'd hurry up and reveal whatever it is I'm supposed to do/learn/hear/see...whatever. On that note, I have to run to a Youth Advisors Meeting. It never ends in my world. Maybe this is my Paradise?

Be Well

Monday, January 19, 2009


I admire this man. He spoke words of truth. He spoke words that people across the nation needed to hear. He spoke of growth, of life, of equality.

While in Atlanta a few years back, I visited the King Center for Peace. I saw his tomb. I walked past the church where his father was a Pastor. I saw his childhood home. I saw the "carriage" that carried his casket through the streets.

My father and my godfather were best friends. They both grew up in the City of Chester. One from the Greek neighborhood and one from the Black neighborhood. They were inseparable. They went to school together, they played sports together, they both went to Michigan State, they both stayed in the same dorm, they traveled together across the state for basketball games. They experienced what it was like to be discriminated against. My father, even though he was 'allowed' to sit at the counter and be served, didn't. He was loyal to my godfather. Even though Dad was 'allowed' to live in the whites only dorm, he didn't. He roomed with my godfather.

Love, loyalty, compassion, equality -- MLK preached it. Dad and Godfather lived it.

Our 44th President will be inaugurated tomorrow. This is a groundbreaking event that will make history. As we embark on history in the making, I hope that we can put aside the differences that keep us apart and weaken us and recognized the similarities that can draw us together and make us stronger.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Musings

It's Sunday and I'm gearing up for what is going to be a busy day. I'm sitting in front of the tv with a hot steaming cup of coffee and watching Animal Planet and some show about talented pets. Why? I have no idea. BUT, it got me thinking...............

There is such love between the pets and their owners. It's unconditional. That's what love should be. I wonder why people can't show unconditional love to each other? Isn't that what God shows us? It doesn't matter how badly we mess up, He is always there to forgive and show us the right path.

Speaking of showing the right path ... I took my youth group kids ice skating last night. I have never ice skated in my life -- still haven't! :) Anyhoo...I was sitting rinkside freezing. I was wearing my warm coat, plenty of layers, and gloves. I was still cold. Then, one by one, they skated over and said, "Jill, will you hold my coat? I'm hot." So, of course, I said yes then wrapped myself up in them. Now that's love. I was warm and they were having fun.

As I was sitting there, I was texting our other youth advisor who wasn't able to join us. We were talking about where I was sitting and the fact that if I had been sitting anywhere else, the kids would have had a fit. They are so attached to us and love that we're always around wherever they are. Wow, I bet their parents would be floored!

About an hour after sitting there, I noticed a little girl skating around. She had on a helmet and a cute little figure skating outfit. She was 4. God love her, she was out there doing her thing. Her name was on her helmet and it was the same name as one of my girls. I mentioned it to her and they instantly became friends. She and another one of the girls each grabbed the little one's hands and skated around the rink with her for quite a while. Turns out that little one plays hockey and last night was her first time in figure skates.

I was so proud of my girls. Even though little one didn't need help, she wanted them to take her around the rink and they did. When it was time for little one to leave, her father gave her money to give to my girls as a thank you for taking her around. They refused and the dad insisted. I stepped in at that point and told them that we were there with our church youth group and thanked him but again refused. At first he looked insulted but then we smiled at him and he knew that the girls spent time with his daughter not for any monetary reward but for the sheer joy of showing love to others.

And so it is with God. He gives us companionship, grace, and love. Not because he wants a monetary reward but because he wants to show us what unconditional love is. I challenge you today to show unconditional love to someone. Not because you want something materialistic in return but because you want the feeling of joy knowing that you gave something more powerful than money.

Peace and Blessings to you.